Great Response On The Doorstep

A big thanks to a couple of people who volunteered their time to help get out a leaflet over the last weekend. I'm getting a great response on the doorsteps. 

New issues are arising all the while. Plenty of signs of people recognising years of neglect and underinvestment in the estate. Continually keeping council tax to a 0% increase is bound to have an effect somewhere. So-called front-line services might be being defended by the Conservative run Central Beds council, but the neglect shows itself in:

  • failing to keep up street repairs, so our footpaths are frequently badly damaged
  • failure to provide sufficient parking facilities and secure parking for a modern society
  • failure to provide adequate street sweeping manpower
  • failure to successfully negotiate with the private development of Houghton Park estate, with the consequence that weeds grow wildly along pathways, trees grow unchecked, and residents feel unsafe parking their vehicles.
Concern is frequently expressed in what will happen when Parkside Drive is opened up to through traffic. I spoke against the road being opened up at the hearing last year; now we must ensure that traffic calming measures are installed on the two way road when it is opened up.

Concerns about off-roaders are being addressed by Police, but other concerns are that youths have little to do, cause mischief, and disruption. We have a huge enclosed area by the Sports Centre that could possibly be used as an adventure playground, or be used for some venture as a model village, or commercially run venue with a recreation bent to it. Even well-lit youth shelters might be provided where youths can just "chill".

While my reception on the doorsteps is hugely positive I still have a lot to do before polling day. I sense little pockets - and I mean little - of UKIP support where their neighbours have foreign sounding names; really I sense they're just railing against a very localised perception. I have absolutely no idea how they think they can change immigration policy from Central Beds Council. If they just got to know their neighbours a bit more, the animosity would disappear, I'm sure, when they discover how much good can be found in people. 

One or two outright flatcap "Labour" types, and a handful of staunch Conservative types (mostly wondering what benefit would be gained by electing someone who lives in Leighton Buzzard), but on the whole, though,  I sense people really appreciate my political neutrality, are aware of who I am, what I do locally, and what I stand for.

I look forward to meeting you out on the doorsteps.