Houghton Brook - Being Blocked Up By Debris As Woodside Link is Constructed.

Central Beds Council are the responsible authority for keeping the Houghton Brook free of debris, but my random visit to the brook last weekend showed the stream in a sorry state. That wheelie bin has been there for months, unless of course, its another one. 

The second and third pictures are of a fenced area, intended to trap voles so they can be safely moved away from the area, but from the look of the fencing in the 3rd picture, it has come unstapled from the fencing support, and the voles could easily get out or in through that gap.

As workers move around the area while the Woodside Link is constructed, people jump the stream, breaking down the embankments, giving further cause for concern.

But clearly, DAILY INSPECTIONS, are not being done very diligently, are they, Mr Dobson of Central Bedfordshire Council?

From: Howard Dobson
Sent: Friday, May 15, 2015 5:29 PM
Subject: Your enquiries

Hello again [name dedacted]

Thank you for your recent mails.

As you know we’re about to start the construction phase of the Woodside Link. Before that starts the current gang is carrying out daily inspections of everything on site. Balfour Beatty will then take over duties. Note that one of the first tasks Balfour Beatty will complete is the fencing of the site – which should limit instances of vandalism. Balfour Beatty have also subscribed the Woodside Link site to the Considerate Constructors Scheme, which means they are aiming at standards higher than statutory levels. See http://www.ccscheme.org.uk for more details on that. Please note that the Construction Environment Management Plan (CEMP) will be available in due course when it has been compiled.

With best regards, Howard