Just Call Me Curious, But Are These CBC Councillors Really Independents?

The following "Conservative" Central Bedfordshire Councillors have not declared any sponsorship by a political party in the register of interests:

Mrs Angela Barker, Chairman of Children's Services Overview and Scrutiny Committee (**)
Lewis Birt (*) (**)
Anthony Brown, Deputy Executive Member for Community Services(**)
Norman Costin(**)
Paul Downing(**)
Paul Alan Duckett (*)(**)
Charles C Gomm (*)(**)
Maurice R Jones, deputy leader of CBC(**)
Roy W Johnstone 
John McVicar, (*)(**)  Chairman of Sustainable Communities Overview & Scrutiny Committee
Tom Nicols, (*)(**) Chairman of Licensing Committee
Gordon Perham (*)(**)
John A G Saunders
Peter Smith(**)
Tracey Stock(**)
Mark Versallion, (*)(**) Executive Member for Education and skills 
Ben Walker (no Register of Interests shown)
Budge Wells, (*) (**) Deputy Executive Member for Community Services 

The declared interests include the words, "You must complete this box if you received financial assistance from a political party with your election expenses".  Of course, election expenses, can be paid for by the individual themselves, which would be a plausible explanation. As I stood as an Independent, I certainly paid my own. Perhaps these people UNSPONSORED by the Conservative Party should be approached to join the Independent Group?

Save the Tax-Payers Some Travel Expenses!

We have two CBC councillors living in Houghton Regis who represent other non-Houghton Regis parts of Central Bedfordshire:
Cllr Nigel Warren [Dunstable Northfields] lives at 41 Lowry Drive, Houghton Regis 
Cllr John Chatterley [Dunstable Icknield] at 36 Roslyn Way, Houghton Regis 

Together with our 3 resident Houghton Regis Councillors who actually do represent Houghton Regis, maybe the 5 of them will share cars or hire a mini-bus, and save the public some travel expenses to  the Council offices, as well as critical parking spaces at Chicksands? Can but hope, but maybe that's just wishful thinking.

* UPDATE 22/6/2015 8:00AM

All those Councillors marked (*) no longer have a link on their web site record to the Register of Interests. 

** UPDATE 23/7/2015 10:45AM
All those Councillors marked (**) now declare Conservative Party assisted them in the Register of Interests; Tom Nicols, apparently under some protest, "I am required to pay a contribution to the local Conservative Party which is significantly in excess of any payment to me."

Who's Who at Central Bedfordshire Council