Off-Road Bikes Houghton Regis

Probably the most irritating annoyance on the estate at the moment, here in Houghton Regis, is the noise of off road bikes on our public footpaths. The police say they are understaffed and cannot always give this their priority.

Well, here in my part of town, is a regular route used by the bikers, often not wearing helmets, potentially without insurance, and on our footpaths, and often more than one unhelmeted rider on each bike.

The yellow footpath route is used by them several times a day. Residents are not protected from possible accidents, we have ineffective barriers, and a lack of proper policing. I think it's the noise of the bikes that is a nuisance, if an accident happens it's more likely to be the biker coming to grief, but equally they could injure a pedestrian or other road (or footpath) user.

In the past week it has come to light that there is a recommendation from Amey about, seeking to not renew chain link fencing along Sundon Road (top right hand corner of picture below). If gaps onto Sundon Road are allowed to proliferate it will be harder to stop off-road biking, as well as reducing safety for pedestrians crossing the road.

The barrier near Sundon Rd has a bike-track around it:

Houghton Hoodrats are back out again on bikes. If you're going to protest that you only do it because you have nowhere...

Posted by Spotted : Houghton Regis on Monday, 1 June 2015