The New HRTC Council - How Will They Manage Our Money?

HRTC start off with "a general reserve balance equating to an average of approximately 8-9 months of expenditure." - 

Well that's quite a legacy to leave the incoming council. Of course, the Town has many challenges ahead, and these funds will be needed to provide new community resources once building works start coming in. Immediately they'll need to start some activity towards a new cemetery, and that money carefully piled up could soon be swallowed up wholesale. The task will be to make sure those new community facilities benefit EVERYONE, not just the incoming people in the to-be redeveloped areas.

I did request that HRTC asks CBC for the money it is withholding from town and parish council's across it's area. ( See Houghton Regis Town Council Robbed : Missing Council Funding ). But they seem to decline to do that. Why not? No harm in asking. But I do like the end remark -

"it might be more appropriate to remind CBC of this situation as and when they ask town and parish councils for funding contributions to various projects."