Those Rules and Regulations, Tucked Away, But Who Knows What They Are?

There was something kicking off on BBC Three Counties radio today about a dog owner being threatened with a £50 fine for allowing her dog to wander a Bedford Council cemetery without a lead on. I was pleased to know that the Houghton Regis Town Council (HRTCregulations state that dogs must be on a lead.

However, the hullabaloo in this instant at Bedford was the lack of SIGNS saying that dogs had to be on a lead. See discussion at

Now might be a good time for HRTC to see that signage properly reflects what the regulations state.

I'm not sure if all the Village Green regulations are clearly stated on signboards, for example.

Link: Houghton Regis Town Council Rules and Regulations

Link: Houghton Regis Village Green Bye Laws