Nuisance Off Road Bikers

A campaign to have more barriers installed around Parkside to help combat nuisance motor-bikers that ride around the footpaths of Houghton Regis has stalled.

Central Bedfordshire Council has responded to a residents request for barriers, saying that "the highway capital programme for this year has been agreed and is already fully committed".

Another line of attack was to approach the Council's Housing department. But the Council have stated that there is no evidence that the perpetrators of the anti-social noise are Central Bedfordshire Council tenants. Therefore the authority do not have any authority to challenge the youths directly, so the matter needs to be dealt with by the police.

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The reply puts the ball in the court of the police and local CBC councillors. Can't see any point in the last suggestion, unless the officer replying is suggesting his hands are politically tied unless a bigger fuss is made.

And the remark about a fully committed highways budget, is, I would suggest, complete twaddle. There is always a bit extra to be found somewhere, though it might be nearer the end of the financial year. Funny how they happily put funds into an opposed one-way contra-flow on Easthill Rd, then financed a new cycle path across part of the Village Green and made a path wide enough to take a quad bike at the back of Hammersmith Close (and omitting to put in barriers big enough to stop them) all without telling local representatives what they were doing.

The police have told me they are planning a series of further actions against the illegal use of bikes this summer, and the new Sergeant for Houghton Regis will be useful, but with the biggest will in the world, I can't see the problem ever going away.

Bikers Discussed Over a Video Put on BBC Three Counties Radio 7/7/2015

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'Catch me if you can' - A teenager's message to the police about off-road motorbiking. It remains a problem in Dunstable and Houghton Regis.Our reporter Tony Fisher recorded this short video of the motorbikes in Dunstable.
Posted by BBC Three Counties Radio on Monday, 6 July 2015