I am disappointed that the site layout design seems to have ignored the possibility of joining with the owners of the old Red Lion to create a new site entrance for the Red Lion off the applicant's new cul-de-sac. This could have reduced the number of entrances onto the Bedford Road.

Who will be responsible for the "mown amenity grass" between the private gardens, and the "general meadow area" and who will manage the other areas of soft landscaping? I refer to drawing

The trees mentioned in should not be planted so close to houses that they become a problem in 20-30-40 years time. Regard should especially be taken to ensure that fruiting trees are not planted close to houses. These can become a problem for parked vehicles, dropping fruit such as cherries on cars, or providing a perch for birds that leave their droppings on parked vehicles. Trees should not be planted so close to houses that future branch growth interferes with light to windows, or causes leaves to fall into guttering. Council enforcement officers should especially inspect to ensure adherence to this.

Trees which are particularly prone to self seeding should be avoided altogether from the site, especially close to homes and gardens. The seedlings are a constant cause of irritation to people living in the Parkside ward of Houghton Regis, primarily because of the need to keep on weeding out unwanted seedlings. I would not care to be a resident on the new site having to face the same issues all over again.

Householders should be encouraged not to plant new trees near their houses. The Council could put together advisory leaflets drawing on the examples of problems that might arise in the future, from Parkside, Houghton Regis.

Specifically, there are many trees depicted planted very close to houses in so I object to this.