Hillborough Crescent Double Yellow Parking Set To Continue

It looks like illegal parking in Hillborough Crescent is set to continue, because, according to a response from CBC that I have received, by the time the parking enforcement staff have parked up, and walked back down the road towards the illegal parkers, the drivers have seen them coming and hurried away!

The problems with parking on double yellow lines at Hillborough Crescent have long persisted. Even Google streetview has caught several vehicles parked on there.

The Control Enforcement Officers have to park down the road from the lines and walk back to the offending vehicles. This gives the chancers time to move on before a Penalty Charge Notice can be issued.

I've been told the Parking Team are aware there is a problem here and will continue to patrol the area and do their best.

Hillborough Crescent Friday. Here's a reminder.
Posted by Houghton Regis News Desk on Saturday, 3 October 2015