Dunstable Downs Kite Festival 2016

Sometimes I wish I had a decent video camera. The last decent one was a VHS, unfortunately I left it on a shelf, with a lead dangling down from it and one of my then toddlers managed to make it crash to the floor, breaking it.

So this was filmed on a tiny 8MP camera, in short bursts of a few seconds each time before the batteries gave up. I think I went through 6 sets of AA batteries to make this, which is ridiculous!

I've also got a tiny stupid camera from China that was a complete waste of money. Fiddly little buttons and I've never managed to make it work. Avoid buying this cheap crap - it's too prohibitive to even send back for a refund.

Oh, I could do so much more with the right camera.

Hope you enjoy. Comment below.

I took some stills, too. They can be seen here: