Louisa Johnson X Factor 2015 Is Back on Sunday!

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According to the Mirror, today, Louisa Johnson, the 2015 X Factor winner,  "has admitted she hated her [X-Factor selected] winner’s song, a cover of Bob Dylan’s Forever Young, which only reached number nine in the charts."

Well, I must admit I never liked that song very much, either. She wasn't suited to it and she's worthy of much better songs than that.

Meanwhile, the YouTube Playlist that I put together of Louisa's time on X Factor has had 21,717 views, although some of the 47 videos that were once public, have since been moved to 'private' status. What remains, still is a worthy lasting record of her rise to fame in 2015.

Louisa Johnson will perform her newest song to a live studio audience on Sunday as she returns to the The X Factor stage.