Street Lighting Reporting Problems


Dear Customer Relations Dept.

Today I was contacted by someone about a lamp-post that had keeled over in Parkside, Houghton Regis following last night's high winds.
They explained in a text they couldn't call as they were at work, and included photos.

I started to report it online:

As it was clearly an emergency I called CBC. I abandoned the 1st call due to high waiting period indicated, and called back later.

Altogether I was on for almost 15 minutes. I don't have a "call-CBC public service budget" so this in itself was annoying. 
I kept telling the chap "on the back footpath between Bromley Gardens and Chelsea Gardens lampost number 37", from the information I had. 
The CBC chap was clearly having some difficulty trying to pinpoint exactly the whereabouts. 

My Call time to report this emergency lighting fault:

I later had a look at the streetlight reporting system on the report-it website at

Perhaps the chap at CBC was trying to pinpoint a yellow dot on the reporting system? Yellow on white is very difficult for a lot of people with poor eyesight. 
Please learn this lesson. See below. I never actually got around to finding "37" myself on this system, and have asked the person who reported it into me to have another go at reporting it.

Alan Winter