Local Plan: Figures for Growth In And Around Houghton Regis

Query:  Is the "land at East of Parkside" double counted within CBC's Local Plan 2018 which is now out for consultation?

Answer: It's confusing. And I've spent hours on this.

Houghton Regis North Framework Plan
states that "This will be a residential led, mixed use scheme of about 7,000 dwellings and 40 hectares of employment land together with its supporting infrastructure."

This boundary map for the framework plan 2012:

1. Plans in the North Framework Plan Area;  Bedford Rd cuts the Framework into 2 parts. Site 1 and Site 2.

1.1 Site 1 Includes

HRN1 -"HRN1 will deliver 5,150 new homes " CB/12/03613
This map excludes land east of Parkside from HRN1. It also excludes the Taylor Wimpey site.

Site 1: East of Parkside last application was a scoping opinion for 385 homes CB/16/04030

Site 1: Taylor Wimpey Regents Place 169 homes CB/14/03056

Site 1:  total 5704

1.2 Site 2 Includes

Site 2: HRN2 scheme outline for 1850 homes CB/15/00297/OUT
Larger HRN2 Map opens to CBC Planning Documents Page

Site 2: Tillia Park on edge of quarry 140 homes SB/07/01448

Site 2: Persimmon Kyngshouton 62 homes CB/14/03047

Site 2: Bury Spinney 100 CB/16/02086

Site 2: land south of The Bungalow 50 homes CB/17/02512/OUT

Site 2: total 2202

[ The Orchard 6 (excluded from the Local Plan) ]

[ Other pockets of land not all being considered for Local Plan known as Bidwell Vision. See my Houghton Regis Places map and side links that pop up when you click an area (incidentally this includes land north of A5-M1 link north west of Bedford Rd roundabout) ]

Add the numbers for the two sites up.
5704 2202 7906

Site Assessment
East of Parkside was NOT included in the preliminary site assessments  (link)

Houghton Regis North Strategic Allocation (plan document p86)
"A figure of around 7,000 new homes could be accommodated; approximately 4,600-5,600 on site 1"  "and approximately 1,500-1,850 on site 2." 
Total calc for what the plan talks about is 6100 - 7450 on both 

The Local Plan talks about adding these land allocations:

HAS28 Bidwell Gospel Hall (Dell Mount) - 25 homes

HAS29 Land East of Houghton Regis - 355 homes
25+ 355 = 380

If Land east of Parkside is double counted, take away the figure CBC have used, i.e  355 from 7906, then add the 25 from Gospel Hall 7576 which is beyond the number 6100 - 7450 that the Plan talks about.

The bottom line. What I would like to have seen in the plan is a simple table showing the numbers for 'Houghton Regis' that went into the plan, and then the extra numbers that are coming out of the plan.

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