Residents Meeting With Arriva — 20th March

Meeting With Arriva on March 20th.

I had a call from Cllr John Kane last night. He chairs the Town Partnership Committee ( a meeting of selected Town Councillors and CBC councillors). At the last one, some residents called in to make some complaints about the lack of a single bus service to take them from places like Milton Way, Tudor Drive, Lowry Drive, Bloomsbury Gardens, Bromley Gardens, Chelsea Gardens, Manning Court, to Morrisons in the town centre, Dunstable, or the L&D hospital. People were having to catch two buses and pay twice, get a taxi, walk, or make alternative arrangements.

My petition of last summer raised over 300 signatures complaining about Arriva's changes to services, but Arriva chose to ignore it and the all the comments that were made on those petitions.

John told me that a meeting has now been arranged for March 20th at 6.30pm at the Town Council offices in Peel Street, which he will chair.

This will give residents the opportunity to explain their problems, Arriva the opportunity to explain that they are a commercial operation in business to make a profit for their shareholders, and CBC the opportunity to explain to residents why they cut the bus subsidy to Arriva which has lead to the cancellation of a core service from those parts of Houghton Hamlets and Parkside mentioned above.

CBC actually brought in a new public transport policy last spring, after what they called a 12-week consultation carried out in the summer of 2016. You can read about that policy and how they arrived at it here:

CBC's policy was highly criticised by an Independent CBC councillor at the time. You can read Cllr Zerny's account on Facebook

I look forward to your comments on this matter.