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As a mature student, I gained a BSc (Hons) in Business Systems and Marketing at University of Luton in the 1990s.  In my career I have worked as a Software Test Analyst at Xerox, and before that as a Computer Operator with BP Oil, BP, SGFM, and Unisys.

I have lived in Westminster Gardens, Houghton Regis since 2006 and have made it my business to get behind whatever is happening here. I began developing my online interests to support the work I did as a councillor in Houghton Regis - a town council I served for 8 years up until May 2015.

I withdrew from party political allegiance in 2014 and since then have taken no part in any party political meetings. To be frank, I see no reason why party politics should enter local council meetings, people should be good enough to stand on their own merits, without being carried along on the coattails of others.

I try to be helpful, and spend a lot of time looking into different things. If I sometimes seem brief, it's because I'm up against the clock, so apologies in advance. If I write something that seems very provocative, I probably mean no harm, I'm just trying to bring out your strongest counter attack, to enrich the debate, if there is one going on!

The work I do online enriches me, and one thing often leads to another, making life interesting. The time I put into what I do would stagger some people. I have never received any financial reward for what I do, and I cover my own 'office' and computing expenses. If you think this is a useful service, please consider making a donation, if it's only to buy me a coffee, it all helps!

Whilst I edit websites for Houghton Regis News Desk, Dunstable News Desk, Luton News Desk, I also run Facebook Pages for the same, plus Busway News Desk. Again, what would it cost to buy such a service? Donations would help support what I do, photography costs and petrol, for example.

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Admin of a few Facebook groups.
Co-edits Funny Signs R Cool :

Potted History
Hemel Hempstead Grammar from 1967-72, Dacorum College 1972-4; 22 years with BP in Hemel Hempstead and Harlow. DBC Councillor 1985-86; 1994 Married Caroline H; 2 children; 2002 divorced. Xerox in Welwyn Garden City 2002-2012, Houghton Regis Town Councillor 2007-2015.

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