Round Robin written 10th June 2003 (James the Cat)

IN BRIEF: I had an interview with Luton Police for an admin position in forensics but arrived too late.

I took the children to Brighton by train for the day one Sunday for just £11 return for all of us. When the tickets didn’t arrive by post Thameslink let us go anyway. Then they refunded the ticket cost.

Filters on my email are eliminating 50 messages a day. If you write to me be careful what you put or it might end up in my spam file.

I have virtually gave up potatoes and bread and have lost a stone in the past month. I was up to 14 and a half stone. It has cured flatulence, too.

Bought a new fridge freezer.

Next I need new carpets to replace the cigarette burnt ones. I have a slow stream of advertisers to my web site.

Looking forward to about £500 from the past 6 months efforts. We have just got some recycling bins in Brecon Close. They are full already. At the cheapo Saturday cinema we have seen several films.

NTL now supply me with basic analogue top box service, so for an extra £2.49 a month I now get 21 channels to choose from instead of 4.

I recently bought a CD R/W drive, now the price has fallen to £50, and have just started learning how to cut my own CDs from my ancient record collection. Getting back into Pink Floyd and Deep Purple to begin with.

 I can now use the garage for the car. The car tax is due. Come to think of it, so is the petrol tank. £20 a week.

 There was a big carnival in Luton at the last Bank Holiday. I wandered around with the feeling that I was in Africa, India or somewhere else other than in England. I am an ethnic minority in Luton.

 The Liberal Democrats did well in the Luton elections and now run the council with the support of Conservatives, much to the annoyance of Labour who thought they had everything in the bag. I might even have voted if I had had leaflets other than Labour leaflets.

 JAMES THE CAT Moving on from Jardinains, that popular download game where you knock gnomes off walls, I have changed some pictures and music. The kids and I now enjoy knocking cats off walls, and gain power-ups by catching pictures of Alan, Caroline, Nanny, Grandad, Melissa, Robert, slippers and saucers of milk. Meanwhile, the cats throw half-eaten fish bones at us.

 I still have some work, or so they lead us to believe. Maybe they just don’t want us to leave yet until they get the first software upgrade to the release model, ready for issue. Other products are in the pipeline an if I want to work there it looks like I can for some time yet. Which is just as well, because I don’t know where else I could end up.

 I have bought some camping stuff, and maybe one day I will get around to using it and take the children somewhere. Still need to sort out what I will do with them last week in August.