Pixel Explosion Fizzles Out - The Million Dollar Home Page

After an astonishing turn of events, the last 1000 pixels went for a mere US $38,100.00 on http://milliondollarhomepage.com. This was down to a succession of winning bidders getting cold feet and retracting their bids.

lost.river.trader claimed they Entered the wrong amount of $160,009.09
ast1155td ast1155td claimed they Entered the wrong amount of $175,000.00
latentauthor Changed User ID says "Seller changed the description of the item" Retracted: US $153,000.00
all4freeuk Changed User ID Cancelled: US $140,200.00 saying it was a fake bid.
onlinepokerandcasinos Retracted: US $2,100,000.99 saying they entered the wrong amount.
And so it goes on... there was even a fake bid of $25,000,000 bid placed by a first time ebay user.

The winner is still the UK whizz kid who had the idea. eBay is a possible loser since the credibility of bids placed and then withdrawn makes them look bad.