BBC NEWS | Politics | Campaigners welcome smoking ban

In my teens I helped out at the local scout's bingo night. I had to give it up because my eyes used to stream with all the smoke, not to mention the fact that my clothes always stank afterwards. There were issues in my family about smoking, and I never took it up. I dabbled in my early twenties with cigars - the wanting to feel cool factor played a big part in that - but I soon stopped. I formed an anti-smoking attitude. In 1985 I first noticed and was impressed by the Anti-Smoking campaign that certain persons conducted, particularly by waving placards in the background when politicians were being interviewed on tv during the party conference season. In driving rain, this silent protestor would give up his time to stand solidly behind his placard. I salute you, Sir.The smoking ban will make pubs, clubs and restaurants in England from the summer of 2007 nicer, fresher, and healthier places to be. It will make the UK a great place to visit. GREAT NEWS FOR BAR STAFFNo longer will they have to suffer burning eyes, coughing at customers, having to scrape cigarette ash out of glasses, having to go home with clothes reeking of tobacco.GREAT NEWS FOR EVERYONENo-one need go home with clothes reeking of tobacco after a night in a pub or club. In smoke free homes this has long been a nuisance. WAKE-UP CALL TO PUBLIC PLACESDon't worry about the decreased sales of ciggies over the bar... just think, your customers will be living longer and coming in to spend their money for a longer period. But if you want to keep them coming, clean those beer soaked carpets stinking of stale beer, because if you don't the fag stench will no longer hide it.A CRACK DOWN ON FAG ENDS, PLEASEThe fag ends that get thrown down outside, in the street, out of vehicle windows really cheese me off. It is litter. It is anti-social. It is fineable if you are caught. That's another campaign. The outdoors is my space, too. And I don't want it littered.