Shopping at Lidl's

Lidl (Leedle)
The price of shopping for food is currently being debated.

Among the things I regulary buy:
Shower gel at 13p
Squeezable Tomato sauce - around 50p for 500ml
950g Jar of Olives (without stones) - (Absolute bargain compared to Sainsbury)
Fizzy drinks
Fruit and veg (not a fantastic range, but reasonable basic range, and often slashed to half price), but watch for stuff in plastic bags that could be on its last legs.
Ready made lasagnes.
Milk - fairly standard price everywhere.
"Gold" tea (Avoid the slightly cheaper "Silver" tea) Gold compares favourably to PG Tips or Yorkshire tea.
Sweets - I build up a home sweet shop, to help the kids save on their pocket money.
Gold instant coffee - around £1.30, for 50 decent cups.
Muesli - Get the foil packs, the cardboard pack is cheaper, but the contents of the foil bags are far superior.

Some people say "they sell foreign brands, and therefore don't trust them".
I say, "Try them. And be surprised. Go regularly, and each time buy something you've never tried before. You'll gradually build up a strong list of favourites "

They charge for plastic bags. Good for the environment. Take my advice. Invest in some of those plastic crates and it gets easier to stack them in the car afterwards.

I do shop around, Tesco and Asda some weeks, but I frequently regret that I am shopping there when I see how much their price is when I know how much cheaper Lidl's price is for a comparable product.

I think Tesco's "buy one get one free" is frequently a con, especially when you only really want to consume one, with Lidl's standard price for a comparable product half that of Tesco's.

For the past 6 years I reckon I've easily saved £5 a week when I have shopped at Lidls.

Yes, Lidl's do take Debit Cards, but not Credit Cards. And they do take cash.

One final point, Farmfoods and Iceland offer good savings on frozen food.