Adora Svitak

Saw the programme Wednesday night about Worlds Cleverset Kids, especially, Adora Svitak. She's 10 and TEACHES primary school children, sometimes via a weblink from a studio in the familes basement.
She reads up to 3 books a day, writes, and publishes her own books. Here's one of her poems.


I love my Mommy…
She loves me…
When she’s sick, I make her tea.
When she’s sad, I cheer her up,
When we’re hungry, we sup.

I love my Daddy…
He loves me…
When he’s tired, I leave him to read,
When he is weary, I leave him to rest.
When he is playful, his jokes are the best!

I love my Sister,
She sometimes loves me,
When she is joyful, I let her ride on me,
When she is upset, I give her hugs,
When she is curious, I show her bugs.

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