X Factor - The Final Twelve

Now that the X Factor live show candidates are chosen, I can say that my predictions of last week are right on the money.
"My" three girls, Lucie Jones, Stacey Soloman and Rachel Adedeji, are through. Jamie "Afro" Archer is through, along with Olly and Danyl Johnson (who I have a bit of trouble being convinced by). And the girl group Miss F.R.A.N.K are through. I don't disagree with the boys that were put through by Cheryl, and she did include Lloyd Daniels, but it's the first mentioned two girls, Jamie, and Miss F.R.A.N.K that I tip for the top 4 slots.
The judges gave their decisions in their own imimitable style. Danni Minougue came across as very professional, but surely we could have done without the long pauses where the girls were told they were going through or not. Louis was short and sharp and to the point. King Cowell, sat on his throne giving the contestants his decision while the challengers knelt looking humbly on. Cheryl was a true drama queen, even breaking off half way through giving the opera-singer her decision. The scene reminded me of a poor bull-fighter who suddenly decided not to plunge his sword between the weakened bull's shoulder blades. In the end she delivered her final blow to the hapless contestant, a decision I entirely agreed with in the end, but one that doesn't get my hankie of approval for the manner in which the blow was struck.
It was raining cats and dogs by Lake Como, in Italy, where Louis Walsh's decision was made. Someone up there clearly realised the groups were by and large a wash out! On the down side, the irritating twins are put through, almost as I predicted they would be in my blog of last week. Louis seems to have forgotten that Simon Cowell does not like the Bart Simpson hairstyled twins. Simon won't rest from knocking the twins on the upcoming live shows until they have been finally booted off.