December 21st Snow-Locked

A disastrous evening on the roads for local people just trying to get home from work. Arriva removed their buses from the roads, Luton and Stansted airports closed.
The roads around the Three Counties were gridlocked. And all because it snowed.

My own journey of an hour (tops) on a normal rush-hour took 5.25hours.

When I was coming home I think I saw 2 real problems at M1 Junction 10.
Firstly, traffic has to move up a slope from the spur road to get onto the roundabout above the M1. My car slipped lots. I almost didn't make it, and aftewr I got up there was quite a gap before the next one made it.
The slope contributes to a backlog all the way back down the airport road, and that in turn holds up the Lower Luton Road.
Secondly, the traffic coming off the M1 northbound, blocks the traffic on the J10 roundabout trying to turn off that roundabout to go onto north on the m1. The roundabout there should never have been built. They should have built flyovers.