Hail Nick The Negotiator !

Waking up to the news that 5 Lib Dems will be in the new coalition cabinet. This will be a government in business management style, and politics by personality, and I warmly welcome it.

The Right of the Conservatives, and the Left of the Lib Dems won't be quieted easily, but hey, we have to have a government. Ultimately the two wings of this forged two-party alliance will form the groundswell for future Conservative and Liberal Democrat policy, and those policies will be seen to be distinct come the time of the next General Election.

For now, we all wait to see if they can work well together. The sincerity of Clegg and Cameron shines through for me, and I'm sure it will work, if only the upset tufton-buftons and left-minded LibDems will allow it to work. There's a lot at stake for both parties if it doesn't.