Garages Boarded up While Waiting List Exists

Central Bedfordshire Council have a waiting list of 162 for a council garage. In Houghton Regis the Council owns 482 garages, 273 are rented out, and 43 are boarded up. In Dunstable the Council owns 666 garages, 246 are rented out and 80 boarded up. Parkside Houghton Regis town councillor, Alan Winter, obtained the figures through a Freedom of Information request. Cllr Winter commented, "It's a great shame that in our town 43 are boarded up while a waiting list exists. I used to park a Mondeo in a garage the size of a typical estate garage, so I don't buy the argument that garages are too small. A garage is the best place for a car for security, and they should be used. I shall be asking the Central Bedfordshire Council to step up its efforts to bring the boarded garages back into use."