Roads, Roadworks and Buses

More adverse public reactions this week to work going on at Bedford Road/High Street after an accident occurred on Monday morning.

For those who don't know or aren't aware, I have been down several times to witness. I have reported my observations from day one of the works to Bedfordshire Highways and CBC. I have been told they will revisit their plans. I'm an unpaid lay person. We should expect a professional service from the paid professionals, and those who employ them need to ask stiff questions.

I took myself off to Luton yesterday. On the bus. Oh deary me. I used to travel by car from home to Welywn Garden City in 45 minutes or less, by starting the journey at 7am. So I boarded the bus at 8.30am The only bus service from home went all over the place. Someone seemed to get on or off every hundred yards of progress. Thank goodness for bus lanes in Luton. When there was standing room only, the driver undid his cash till, and got off. A lady got on. Fiddled around in her seat for a few minutes. Then drove about 6 feet, and opened the doors again. A load more people got on. Some who thought they were on didn't want to budge any further down the corridor and were either unable to understand English or so into their headphoned music that others had to speak loudly to get them to budge. Eventualy I arrived in centre of Luton. Journey time one hour. So roll on the busway. Let's pray we get a faster service for Houghton Regis to take us into the major commercial centre that is local to us.