Busway Scheme - Park and Ride?

I had a look at the bus stops they are making on Dog Kennel Down, Houghton Regis, dlvr earlier this week. Near the top of this picture. From the size of the platforms that have been built I got the impression they were expecting a few dozen people to be waiting at any one time. Workmen are installing rails on the roadway at that point on what would otherwise be a tarmacadamed road without those concrete guides. I asked a workman what the rails were needed for? (Not necessarily a good idea to ask a workman). He said it was to guide the buses so that when they pass they don't knock each others wing mirrors. Not sure I entirely follow that one.

There is a distinct lack of park and ride incorporated into this scheme. As for "car parking", I kept looking at the land between fencing on Dog Kennel Down, near those bus stops, and wondering about the prospect of using that for parking. It might be that drivers decide to drive down Blackburn Road, Houghton Regis, park up, and then get a bus from there into Luton for a train. That would clog up that particular road, nicely! And the businesses around there wouldn't be too happy about that.