Wash and Squash, Stack and Pack

Are recycling bins too small for some families? With collecting being done every two weeks instead of weekly, and say if you have a family of six, the question is being asked, are these bins big enough?

It could be a case of people not squashing down there materials enough, so here's a few of my tips.

I have stood in my recycling bin several times, to squash it down, but of course it isn't practical or safe for everyone to do that. I certainly wouldn't want anyone to end up in hospital. Plastic bottles and cans can be crushed, but if you want to avoid cutting your hands or ruining your shoes, look for a mechanical device. 

There's some wonderful pneumatic or electric can crushers on Youtube at http://j.mp/16lLIvY  if anyone fancies making one. There are many can crushers under a tenner on ebay. http://j.mp/16lLNzE

Other tips:
- Wash and squash, flatten cereal boxes.
- Stack and pack, - some plastic pots will stack, the ones that won't write to the manufacturers and ask them to redesign their products.
- Tear cardboard down to magazine size.
- Don't put recycling in plastic bags - you just create more work in the sorting process.
- If there is a handy piece of hardboard cut to fit on top of the inside of the recycling bin, you could press down on that.

And this can crusher device is just fantastic ... I only wish I could make things like this. Maybe every neighbourhood centre should have one ... !


  1. The question is: are we wasting our time recycling? How do we know that you're not just tipping the whole lot into landfill?


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