How Can Holywell, Studham, Fire Be Not Treated Suspiciously?

Remains of caravan after fire on 31/10/2013. Photo: A D Winter

HOLLYWELL: Was it so cold the other night that some bright spark thought they'd warm up by setting light to a caravan?

Perhaps they thought it was a fair target after a few cans of beer and watching yobbish programmes depicting destruction of caravans? 

It was set on fire and abandoned near Studham on October 31. Firemen attended Dunstable Road in Hollywell just before 8pm.

Apparently the police were also called but are reported to be not treating the incident as suspicious. What? Did it spontaneously combust, then? Really, it beggars me that these things are not treated more seriously. Today's abandoned caravan is tomorrow's farmhouse. 

Of course, it could have been a Romany funeral, but if so aren't those things attended by many of the clan?

If you have any information, call the police on 101 or call the Crimestoppers independent charity.