Parkside Tree Reports

At the beginning of this month I wrote a couple of reports up about tree maintenance required in Parkside. As we move towards  September I shall be looking for evidence that CBC and their contractors have done, or will be doing, something about the many issues I have highlighted.

from the report

I even came across one man who claims to have had to raise the height of his kitchen floor several times due to tree roots growing underneath! That's clearly a case of negligence by the authority responsible for allowing a tree to grow so close to a property. If the tree were near your house you'd start grumbling when the birds sit in the branches above your car and drop their do-dos all over it. Then perhaps you'd start making actual noises about the branches when it came over your roof tiles and spoilt your tv reception. But to let it get to this state, making your kitchen floor unsafe, then it really is time to tell the tree who is the boss!

Elsewhere there's a bunch of trees ganging up on a lonely streetlight. Never did condone bullying!
From the report.

Meanwhile, Highways contractors, CBC Housing department, and CBC's tidy-team argue the toss over who's job it is.

Download Report A - The main report

Download Report B - Bromley Gardens

* Reports on tree maintenance updates are listed on this blog post.