The Wrangle of Parliamentary Boundaries - South Bedfordshire

Back in June we had three options. for how South Bedfordshire might be reshaped. I replied saying, just give us PR for Bedfordshire. Unfortunately that is not an option, and they went with option S3.

Potentially, I see this as creating a battle zone between Labour and Conservatives for Luton South, a safe Labour seat for "Luton South and Houghton" (although why can't it be "Luton North and Houghton Regis" ?) and a safe seat for Conservatives in the new South West Bedfordshire.

If S3 is adopted, locally, the proposed parliamentary constituencies would cover the council wards of:

Luton North and Houghton

Luton North and Houghton BC 71,188
Houghton Hall Central Bedfordshire 5,717
Parkside Central Bedfordshire 3,220
Tithe Farm Central Bedfordshire 2,994
Bramingham Luton 5,366
Challney Luton 8,227
Icknield Luton 5,614
Leagrave Luton 7,492
Lewsey Luton 8,207
Limbury Luton 5,530
Northwell Luton 4,966
Saints Luton 8,501
Sundon Park Luton 5,354

Luton South

Luton South BC 71,881
Caddington Central Bedfordshire 7,267
Barnfield Luton 5,295
Biscot Luton 8,351
Crawley Luton 4,696
Dallow Luton 8,243
Farley Luton 6,839
High Town Luton 4,206
Round Green Luton 7,566
South Luton 6,139
Stopsley Luton 5,294
Wigmore Luton 7,985

South West Bedfordshire

South West Bedfordshire CC 77,673
Aspley and Woburn Central Bedfordshire 3,681
Barton-le-Clay Central Bedfordshire 3,974
Dunstable-Central Central Bedfordshire 3,332
Dunstable-Icknield Central Bedfordshire 5,731
Dunstable-Manshead Central Bedfordshire 3,575
Dunstable-Northfields Central Bedfordshire 6,528
Dunstable-Watling Central Bedfordshire 7,402
Eaton Bray Central Bedfordshire 3,292
Heath and Reach Central Bedfordshire 3,426
Leighton Buzzard North Central Bedfordshire 10,881
Leighton Buzzard South Central Bedfordshire 9,303
Linslade Central Bedfordshire 9,108
Toddington Central Bedfordshire 7,440