Cast to Device Windows 10 Roberts Radio 🎡

❓Still wondering if anyone knows of a solution to a long term problem I've had.

🎡 Cast to Device is a feature of Windows enabling music to be sent to another device via Wi-Fi. I sometimes use it to send music from my Windows 10 PC to the Roberts Radio.

πŸ™ But, as you can see from the image above, the issue for me is to do with my Roberts Radio. The first track on an album is played in its entirety. The next track has a red X against it, and only plays the first 30 seconds. The next track plays in its entirety. And so on ... This problem also existed on earlier Windows platforms.

😐It doesn't matter what album I play. Perhaps it's some sort of buffering issue? Perhaps it's just a fatal flaw with the Radio.

😏I don't have this issue when I use the Radio to pull the music from the PC, using "Shared Music" option, only when pushing from the PC.

❔ Any ideas? Please contact me.