Geoff Lawrence

As much as I enjoy being politically independent now, it's always nice to look back and say that 'I knew this man'.

If it wasn't for Geoff Lawrence, the Highfield Hemel Hempstead postmaster, and Liberal supporter, I might never had gotten involved in local politics. He encouraged and personally financed leaflets for his ward that I edited over 30 odd years ago and the Party started having a bit of success.

Even then, I put off becoming an actual member for a couple of years, but with Geoff's initial help and encouragement, I launched a newsletter for my own ward, and somewhat amazed, was subsequently elected to represent Central Ward of Dacorum Borough Council.

Geoff Lawrence, circled, in my lounge,
helping out in the 1986 by-election

Geoff Lawrence who died earlier this November, just short of his 93rd birthday. STORY LINK to Hemel Today.