83% Think We Will Have A Second Coronavirus Wave

Life for me just carries on here at 'Blogger Central' ! Lockdown means I don't go out very much, and when I do it's just for things like grocery shopping. I've found a time just after the shop has had a delivery and the staff have just about finished reloading most of the shelves. It also happens to be a very quiet time of the week, too, so there are very few people inside to get too close to me. And I stopped going 2 or 3 times a week, and have it down to the art of once a week. And to be fair, I am seriously considering looking into home deliveries.

83% Think We Will Have A Second Wave

Meanwhile, workers have been stuck at home for weeks, admittedly ramping up a bill to be paid at some future time, and this week were being instructed to go to work if they cannot work from home. I've found deep concerns that there might be a second wave of coronavirus. I ran the poll above on one of my Facebook groups. 88 are very concerned about a second COVID-19 pandemic wave; 9 are somewhat concerned, and 9 are somewhat unconcerned. [LINK]

And today, I read that China are fearing a second wave, so concerned are they that they are ordering tests to be taken, and yet the very queues for tests show mixed attention to social distancing which could be enough to create a second wave! [ LINK]

China: people queue to take a coronavirus test.

Furloughed, Laid Off, or Lost A Job?

I'm now running another poll to get the local picture following this survey of 6,005 people conducted by polling firm YouGov between May 6 and May 11. It shows that of the lowest-paid fifth of employees, 25% had been temporarily laid off and 5% had lost their jobs altogether, but fewer than one in ten of the top fifth of earners had been affected, with only 6% furloughed and 3% losing their jobs. And under the government’s emergency coronavirus wage subsidy scheme, workers who are temporarily laid off continue to receive 80% of their pay, up to 2,500 pounds a month.

YouGuv Poll  Link
Follow this link to my new local poll on a private Facebook Conversation group.

Porky Johnson

According to an exclusive Reuters investigation "guidance issued to care homes, as well as interviews with three care home providers, has provided no evidence that any such early lockdown was ordered.". This is in spite of Johnson's claim that “We brought in the lockdown in care homes ahead of the general lockdown.”


I see the BBC are trying to lighten the mood. We have Eurovision - offline - to look forward to. Well, if the option's there, I shall watch BBC1, and listen to alternative commentary on Radio 2 like I always do. I can't stand Graham Norton.