Clapping & The Corona Parliament

Clapping For NHS & Carers

Clap for NHS. Well, that was quite good last night. In terms of turn-out. There was no one clapping at 7.59 when I went out, but others soon appeared. A bit chilly in my t-shirt, but, yeah, a neighbour down the road was blaring out "Walk On - Walk On - And You'll Never Walk Alone" so I waved my arms in the air as if I had an imaginary scarf held between my hands. Some idiot was getting off fireworks, and freaking out the neighbourhood cats, and for weeks now the seagulls think we've all gone mad, wheeling around and squawking. But yeah, good turn out.

When it began weeks ago back in March clapping at 8pm on a Thursday was a novelty and quite refreshing, really, to show comradeship with fellow neighbours you never speak to, but the novelty is wearing off,. You do wonder if the NHS or carers can actually hear you. When you see them on the telly it seems weird that NHS staff are clapping, too. I thought only monkeys clapped themselves, but hey, they're probably clapping their co-workers, and why not!

The numbers aren't too clever. Some 33,000 deaths in the UK. These official numbers of deaths show the UK in a right old state! And these are only those who were tested positive for coronavirus. If you weren't tested before you died, you don't count! Lordy! Lordy! The statisticians are saying the real death figure from this COVID-19 is more like 36,000 in the UK alone. Blooming heck!

BBC doing a grand job of explaining whats going on

The Little B---------

This is the little b---- you need to look out for - see him coming for you and run! Like the clappers!

More Tech in The House, Please!

Meanwhile, our Parliament is finally waking up to having meetings remotely, engaging the technology, and stopping all that outdated tradition of trooping into lobby halls just to have their votes counted. They are actually counting them electronically! And not travelling to work. Wow. Wonders will never cease. Commentators are saying it doesn't feel the same without the cacophony of heckling and cheers of hooray!. Well, come on, brains, get your buzzers working! Have buzzers for boo and hurrah, and feed the sound back into the House! I know I like to have my X buzzer ready when I'm watching Britain's Got Talent. (Oh, yes I'd be better at being Simon Cowell, than Simon Cowell could be) - Just imagine the reaction of "Booos" and  "Hurrays" being projected into the  House of Commons by MPs sitting remotely, the speaker would soon get the mood!