The Auditorium

I was in a tall terraced house. 

it was suddenly very windy. 

out the back of the house beyond the rear fence was a tall tree with a thick trunk. 

the wind impossibly bent the tree 90 degrees one way smashing the rear fence, then back the other way 180 degrees, and back once more. 

the wind stopped. 

I went to look. 

the tree had gone. 

someone had apparently already sawn it off at ground level. 

some others came to look. 

some kids too. 

Around the front of the house, some kids may have been walking home from school. 

I spoke to them about graffiti daubed there. 

they were indifferent when I suggested removing some strange black squiggles. 

one of the schoolgirls was quite sweet, worldly-wise, and identified as someone my mum knew as Sally Anne. 

I followed them at a distance into a large theatrical area, 

a large scooped out auditorium with rows and rows of seats. 

I sat down at the back, straining over people's heads.

there was a huge telly at the front but it was a real strain to hear it and I supposed those who actually wanted to hear it would sit nearer the front. 

I moved position going down to the front. 

it was muddy and slippery. 

I sat at the front awhile. 

before long people were leaving, grey muddy water was moving down the slopes. 

I took off my shoes and socks, put them into my briefcase, and rolled up my trouser legs a bit to save them getting wet. 

then I with others clambered up the slopes to get out.