Report a problem in your street, and see what other problems have already been reported in your postcode area.


The Town Council services include maintenance of playing areas and cemeteries, promotion of Houghton Regis, supporting youth projects and youth development, community safety, carnival, town centre development.
Elected councillors are unpaid, and attend committee meetings to decide on Environment issues, Policy, Grants, comment on Planning Applications (but not decide them), approve expenditure. Visit the town council website for further information.
Houghton Regis Town Council
Peel Street
Houghton Regis
Beds LU5 5EYLocation Map:Google Map
Tel: 01582 708542
Fax: 01582 861102


Central Bedfordshire Council: Environmental Crimes ~ tackling anti-social behaviour If the anti-social behaviour is serious enough to make you fear for your safety or the safety of others, you should contact the police directly, either by dialling 999, or by calling your local police station on 01582 401212.

Residents can email with information.
Use the email address to

  • send an in-depth description of the activity and culprits witnessed, 
  • send any photographs and video of off-road biking in progress, 
  • provide the names and details of any people known or suspect.  

The email address is not an instant reporting tool, and will not be monitored 24/7. Residents must still call 101 to speak directly to police to report crimes, and 999 in a genuine emergency. [last updated: Jan 2016]


Report this online via this Domestic Abuse Form on the Beds Police Web Site. This confidential form is to report an incident/s of domestic, child, sexual, rape or honour-based abuse, as well as abuse against a vulnerable adult that has occurred within the Bedfordshire Police area.


Sons and daughters need to know you are concerned, care for them, and that you will check up on them. Even if you trust them, ask them how they are spending their money, their time, and with whom, and don't be put off if your questions annoy them. Teenagers will push the envelope. They take risks. - Alcohol Concern can advise on statistics, reseach, and treatment centres. Institute of Alcohol - scientific reports, fact sheets, "adolescents and alcohol" factsheet. "alcohol and dring driving". - alcohol screening and advice if you think you are drinking too much, or need to know how to cut back. charity helps with many issues including teenage drinking. Free confidential parent line 0808 800 2222

The A5 is the responsibility of the Highways England, and any issues on this road would need addressing with them. You are able to contact them on 0300 123 5000 or Email:

CARS: Parked On Grass

If the cars are untaxed or obstructing traffic then it is down to the DVLA or police respectively to deal with them. 

The Central Bedfordshire Council does have powers to deal with cars being advertised for sale on public land under the Cleaner Neighbourhoods Act 2005. They can issue fixed penalty notices if two or more cars are parked within 500 metres of each other, have the same owner and we have proof that they are advertised or have been advertised for sale locally or online.


Fly-tipping To report fly-tipping phone 0300 300 8303
If you are aware of land which is affected by waste, let the council know on 0300 300 8303
if you come across any drugs paraphernalia, please phone 0300 300 8303.
Littering 0300 300 8303
Fly-posting 0300 300 8303
Noise Nuisance 0300 300 8302
EMERGENCY A company called Welbeing, based in Eastbourne, operates a filtering service on behalf of Central Bedfordshire Council (CBC) Public Protection for emergency calls received outside normal office hours. The CBC out-of-hours number is 0300 300 8098 and this is made available to Central Bedfordshire residents. A number of Public Protection officers participate in pairs in a rota to provide a response to filtered calls on Friday and Saturday nights only, from 20.00hrs until 01.00hrs. Noise Nuisance - Central Beds Council

The protocol CBC has with Bedfordshire Police requires that they will attend and deal with raves in progress as they have powers to clear the site if a gathering is illegal. Public Protection officers only have powers to deal with any noise e.g. by service of notice or seizure of equipment. Where CBC becomes aware of a rave before it happens they will endeavour to identify the organisers and if they believe there is the potential for nuisance they will serve notice and monitor the event. They would not normally go on site without the police and any action must be sanctioned by them as in some instances they prefer to allow the event to progress if the possibility exists that dispersal may result in more harm to the neighbouring community. More info at Central Beds website


Residents in Houghton Regis with problems to do with wheelie bins can:

  • Ring 0300 300 8000 to speak to a Customer Service officer.
  • Visit the Customer Services team based inside the library at Bedford Square, Tithe Farm Road Houghton Regis, LU5 5ES.
  • Write (or Visit) to Environmental Waste Services team, The Council Offices, High Street North, Dunstable, LU6 1LF

Road Closures, Traffic Information, Ice Alert, Grass Cutting, Lights Out, Potholes
Telephone Highways, 0300 300 8049
For Dunstable and Houghton Regis these Highway contacts may be useful:
DISTRICT MANAGER Anthony Hood 0845 3656038 / 07780 706564
AREA STEWARD Chris Clarke 0845 3656238 / 07725 445446
AREA TECHNICIAN Maureen Ridgley 0845 3656240 / 07725 445448


Online Popular Links for their website

  • Council and Democracy - Tel 0300 300 8301
  • Home and Environment - Tel 0300 300 8302
  • Health and Housing - Tel 0300 300 8303
  • Learning - Tel 0300 300 8304
  • Leisure and Culture - Tel 0300 300 8305
  • Money and Benefits - Tel 0300 300 8305
  • Planning and Business - Tel 0300 300 8307
  • Travelling - Highways, Bus Passes - 0300 300 8308

Central Bedfordshire Services

- visit the complex in Bedford Square, Houghton Regis.
They offer help with all types of problems.
Opening times are 9.00 to 5.30 Monday to Thursday, and until 4.30 on Fridays.
Other local offices for Dunstable and Houghton Regis:
The District Offices
High Street North
Location Map: Google Map
Telephone: Central Bedfordshire Customer Services on 0300 300 8000
Textphone: 18001 0300 3008000

Main address:
Central Bedfordshire Council
Priory House, Monks Walk,
Chicksands, Shefford,
Bedfordshire, SG17 5TQ
Location Map: Google Map
Opening hours:Monday - Thursday: 0830 - 1700; Friday: 0830 - 1600

Sundon Road. Open 9am to 5pm. - Tel: 01582 473348. The main switchboard number is (01582) 401212. The Call Handling Unit is staffed 24hrs a day 7 days a week and the operators are trained in grading all calls and directing suitable responses.

Crime-fighting Sign-up for Ringmaster at to get notified about crime in your selected area.


Dunstable; Luton; Leighton Linslade; Hemel Hempstead; Harpenden; Tring.

Consumer Direct
Call on 08454 04 05 06 (Minicom users should call 08451 28 13 84). Or e-mail Consumer Direct.
Consumer Direct website~ A wide range of consumer information and advice.

CRIMESTOPPERS- Tel: 0800 555 111

ASDA SHOPPING TROLLEYS DUNSTABLE STORE: 01582 697000 customer services.

If you see a leak please let Anglia Water water know.  Online using a quick and easy map to identify where the leak is. Or ring their free 24/7 leakline number 0800 771 881 straight away.
The more information you can give, the quicker they can identify and fix the leak.
If sewage is coming out of a manhole, it may be entering a street gulley which in turn will end up polluting a local stream or river.

Gas Emergencies- If you smell gas or are worried about gas safety, you can call the National Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999 at any time, day or night. Your call will be routed to the call centre.

If you and your neighbours have no electricity supply; If you want to report fallen electricity power lines; If you need to report damage to underground electricity cables, in this region call EDF energy on 0800 7838838


Report a dangerous tv cable cabinet at  VirginMedia - on the landing page, click, "Something Else", "Reporting an Open Or Damaged Cabinet", then choose the phone or email link. The email link asks for some details, if you have recorded the cabinet number from an inside door that might be helpful.


Forum and discussion web site to help you with (un)neighbourly problems.


Which school should I send my child to?


Problems with Trees, Roots, Walls, Boundaries, Bonfires, Garden Burial, High Hedges, Tree Preservation Orders, -

FREEDOM OF INFORMATION Ask pertinent questions here...
Wasp Nest removal Houghton Regis call 01582 226 018