Friday, 26 June 2009

Jacko Dead

Well, that was a shock, last night. So now the world gorges itself on tv, radio, newspaper, and magazine on his life and times. I've never bought a MJ record, but I never didn’t like any of his stuff. As I write this, only 8 albums in the top 25 chart are NOT featuring Michael Jackson. Now that’s phenomenal!

No holes in this argument

I’ve written to my MP about potholes on the Leighton Buzzard Rd, route into Hemel Hempstead; you have to do some serious dodging to avoid some nasty potholes here. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that someone has done some serious damage to tyres, or worse, on this road. Of course Herts Tory council are blaming the Labour government for under-funding them. Come the General Election, Tories will persuade the voters to vote Tory if they want potholes fixed.

Monday, 22 June 2009

I Dish the Dirt on our local Election Campaign!

I have decided to publish an account of the events that took place during the local Election campaign during June 2009.
First off censored in the fashion of publishing true records in the House of Commons.

D R and P . Sue G y sad, indeed.
The first leaf printed by , confused , gypsy petition
The second leaf potholes why? Well, it was everyone should get .
Meanwhile, R . This was not .
Next, lovely and sunny.
Actually this meeting was dog barking even more signatures NP candidate.
Hemel . Thanks, Colin!
trees door knocking voting. litter . Slow, at first only . But by 6pm, grand old duke . so that was all right.
Counting started in secrecy.

Finally, I'd like to thank every one who voted, , , , and last but not least, who's financial help I found extremely rewarding, NOT! No, life as an unpaid local councillor certainly has it's rewards, not to mention it's and !

For full explanation see local MP, Andrew Selous.