Wednesday, 25 November 2009

ACT now ... to Change the Law, and CAMPAIGN!

I've just joined ACT, a Liberal Democrat "facebook" style Web site for people, members AND non members, to get involved in, to deal with the issues that anyone wants to deal with.
Here's my starting page.

Here's your starting page.

See you in a Liberal Democratic UK in the future?

Thursday, 12 November 2009

X Factor Boycott - Change the Rules

I just blogged ...

X Factor: Devastated

This week has seen unprecedented activity after Lucie Jones lost her place in the X-factor. I was out, and unable to see the live Sunday show, but caught up with what happened on Monday.
In my opinion, Simon Cowell went to the public vote because:
a) he was curious,
b) he expected the public to have least voted for the Bart Simpson twins,
c) he wanted to be as fair as he could to Louis Walsh who was down to his last act.
I don't accept that Simon is as money orientated or as devious as people try to make out.

But, before the SING-OFF, he did say he'd put the past behind them and judge the 2 acts on their final songs. Lucie was miles better at SINGING than Jedward, and Simon Cowell should have had the courage to have voted off the twins. Simon has lost a lot of credibility this week.

The judges have to recognise that an act can be deeply unpopular, and recognise it by opinion on Internet groups, newspapers, and BOO-ing. Yes. Lots of boo-ing for the twins week after week.

Some argue that if you want an act to stay in, you should vote for them. I don't accept that argument. That would have meant voting for Lucie, Stacey, Olly, Jamie, Danyl, and all the other acts I would rather see on the show rather than the twins. At 35p a time plus VAT that would be a gross exploitation of the public. Too expensive.

As one who has enjoyed all the thrills (and deluded wanna-be's) of this show, from auditions to the live finals, I see no point in continuing to watch X-FACTOR. When judges don't do the decent thing, there will be seen to be nothing fair about encouraging the public to vote for their favourite act, when THE MOST UNPOPULAR ACT can get through.

I even sense that Louis Walsh was uneasy that Lucie had to leave the competition. There is no value in asking a mentor to vote.

If there has to be a SING-OFF, the public should get a further opportunity to vote who stays in the show.

boycott the x factor

Thursday, 5 November 2009

So the Central Beds want the parishes to do more...

I went to Chicksands last night. Town and parishes conference. Seems to me that CBC expect to have their income cut next year, and strongly hinting that they want the parishes to pick up the tab and push up their part of the Council tax, even asking us to think about what services they want the parishes to take on. So, will it be grass cutting, footpath mending, litter picking, .... what ? And Con, Lab, and Libs all saying they want power devolved to the lowest level. So whoever wins, more power to the lower levels. But it's a fine balance deciding to put up a localities local precept to pay for these services if that locality is on the poor side. So, if the services are taken on from the central authority, the central authority must follow through with the funds. Come on, public, contact me!

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

JEDWARD were not highest polling as I foolishly reiterated a tabloid claim in the last post. It was just a rumour.But there is so much talk about the duo now that I fear they have become the anti-X Factor vote.

Has it occurred to you yet that all the anti X-Factor votes are concentrated on one act? Whereas all the sensible votes are split across many great acts? And who would want the act that can't sing to win more than any other act? The rival TV companies! With X-Factor disgraced, they can look to boosting their own ratings. The Louis Walsh Aggravation Factor will continue apace right through to the finals.

Look into my eyes, my eyes, my eyes, not around the edges, into my eyes... LUCY JONES....