Monday, 28 December 2009

That could have been dear...

What is it about the countryside and animals?
Does no one teach the animals the Green X Code?
Driving back from Hemel yesterday, at 50mph, a deer shot out of the hedgerow into the road in front of me. During the second that followed I thought "Blimey! at least it'll be across the road before it would be in my way" .
Then another deer shot out behind the first one. This is where I thought I'd better brake. Luckily there wasn't a third one following the second. If there had been that could have been an expensive bump.
Footnote: Robert, sitting in the back, declared, "Dad, I thought they were kangeroos!"

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

We Can't Duck The Issues

The snow has caused lots of problems. Have you got a caption for this poor ornamental duck in my garden?

Add a caption, we can't duck the issues


'Snow Good, We Can't Duck The Issues

Dorothy Thornhill, Mayor of Watford says of the snow: "This kind of weather is here to stay now and our current policy (as a nation) of gritting the main roads then expecting a thaw to take care of the side roads and pavements is no longer going to work!"

So, I say what do we do?
Deposit grit bins on every little slope that is likely to contribute to The Great Gridlock?
All live closer to where we work?
Buy 4x4's?
Close companies down for the winter?
Create more laybys so that abandoned cars have somewhere to be abandoned?
Or all of the above?

We Can't Duck The Issues

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December 21st Snow-Locked

A disastrous evening on the roads for local people just trying to get home from work. Arriva removed their buses from the roads, Luton and Stansted airports closed.
The roads around the Three Counties were gridlocked. And all because it snowed.

My own journey of an hour (tops) on a normal rush-hour took 5.25hours.

When I was coming home I think I saw 2 real problems at M1 Junction 10.
Firstly, traffic has to move up a slope from the spur road to get onto the roundabout above the M1. My car slipped lots. I almost didn't make it, and aftewr I got up there was quite a gap before the next one made it.
The slope contributes to a backlog all the way back down the airport road, and that in turn holds up the Lower Luton Road.
Secondly, the traffic coming off the M1 northbound, blocks the traffic on the J10 roundabout trying to turn off that roundabout to go onto north on the m1. The roundabout there should never have been built. They should have built flyovers.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Dunstable Northern Bypass

An announcement was made last week about the "Northern Dunstable Bypass". The powers that be seem to think that a new road linking east to west and to the M1 will relieve the traffic running north-south through Dunstable's A5.
But here's the reality of the new road: Thousands of extra homes are expected to be built in the north of Houghton Regis parish. Clearly without the new "bypass" Poynters Road, Park Road North, and the High Street Houghton Regis, would be unable to cope with all the extra traffic. I'm not sure that even the Northern Bypass will actually relieve Houghton Regis of it's traffic jams every rush-hour.
Nevertheless, the news from the Highways Agency will be welcomed by many throughout South Bedfordshire. Clearly, for those who want to travel north south via the A5, nothing short of a Dunstable town-centre circumnavigation will be sort.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Moor End Roundabout, Hemel Hempstead

Hemel Hempstead Moor End Roundabout.
Love it or loathe it?
This item relates to Hemel FM article.

It's the best way to handle the number of incoming roads that I know of. Traffic moves very slowly most of the time, which is good from a road safety point of view, at a busy intersection. I imagine that overpasses and underpasses would be very costly to implement. If traffic lights were added to it, I think this would increase driver frustration as they would perceive that it takes longer to negotiate each junction, so unless there's other alternatives, this is the best solution.