Cost of Council Websites

LibDem Win In True Blue Surrey

20 Dec 2012

The Political Police Commissioner

Don't Bother Saving To Help Students

Houghton Hall Park Survey

A Smile For Nadine

Minimum Wage Get Lower Tax Bill

Why UK Needs the EU Needs the UK

X Factor USA - 13 year old Carly Still On Top

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Nadine Dorries Helps Tories Lose Bedfordshire PCC

Roads, Roadworks and Buses

Nadine Dorries - Good Luck to Her

Flaky Councillors Show True Colours

Linda Jack For PCC

Nonsense of Job Seekers Travel Allowance to Interviews

Over 68m Views and I Never Saw this Before?

New (Temporary) Roundabout

New Roundabout in Town: I Still Want A Shared Space Scheme

Busway Route Too Narrow for Wheelchairs

How to Claim £10 a Minute From Cold Calling Time Wasters

Parking on Double Yellows - Accident Brewing

Apple iPad Price - It's All Supply and Demand

My X-Factor Verdict 2012

Richard Kemp: Why there will never again be a Tory Government

Why This Labour Poster Irks Me

Clegg: No Deal Done to Cut Benefits

Traffic Chaos Tonight!

Labour Say Llib Dems Do

Houghton Regis Heritage

Fairer Taxes For Minimum Wage Earners

How to Change A Bike

For @DalekMP

Election Boundaries

Cowering in the Corner

Sunday Blog 16th September


Petrol Filling Station

Convert Text to Speech

Well said, that man!

Linda Jack: Police and Crime Commissioner?

Growing Vegetables

Call for Changes in the Laws Governing Animals for Sale on Internet sites.

Keep Away From Houghton Regis

Labour Luton Lose £400k on Festival

Coordinated Action Called for on Neptune Square


Traffic Snarled Up Again

Estate Now Looking Very Weedy

High Street Works - What's In Store For Us

UKIP - "Complete Waste of Space"

How Much We Owe and Have to Pay Back

Those Pesky Claw Machines

Student Fees

No Death Sentence, Then?

Story of Stuff, Full Version; How Things Work, About Stuff

Naked Billiards, Anyone?

Money Saving Expert

Down the Plughole One By One, or Brace Together?


Labour Embarrassed as Con-Man Poses with Police Chief

Labour Celebrate - More Public Money Wasted

Fundraising Houghton Regis

What Are They Teaching Kids?

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What Are They Teaching Kids?

Those Political Boundary Lines

Garages Boarded up While Waiting List Exists

New Names Wanted for New Neighbourhoods

Time Banks

Stop Junk Calls

Houghton Regis Hit by Car Insurers

Change this Car Insurance Postcode Lottery!

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A New Sense of Pride for A "Therapeutic" Cleansing